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Win GD publication dtd 2019 contains information on Validated Cylinder Oils, Selection of cylinder oil, Piston underside drain oil analysis interpretation and validated systm oils. ...


MAN Diesel & Turbo Service Letter SL2017-644

Lubricating System Oil Cleanliness of hydraulic oil is normally examined by the laser method. However, this is not a suitable method for the system oil, as the system oil is black containing harmless soot, small water-droplets, air-bubbles, etc., which the laser method counts as particles. With the microscope method, the soot, etc., is removed and merely the number of actual particles are counted. MAN Diesel & Turbo therefore recommends using the microscope method (ISO 4407).....


MAN requiring ISO 4407

When checking the system oil used on the ME system for cleanliness level, MAN defines the acceptable level according to the cleanliness code ISO4406/ XX/16/13. In this relation, MAN recommend testing the cleanliness level of the system oil with regular intervals. However, MAN do not recommend using the laser method for particle counting. MAN recommend using a method for particle counting that is based on microscopy analysis disregarding “non-particulate contaminants".


MAN Diesel & Turbo - Service Leter SL2014

NAVIGO MCL is a range of alkaline cylinder lubricant for all low-speed marine two stroke diesel engine. Including low sulphur application, highly...


MAN Diesel & Turbo – Services Letter SL 2013

The samples shall be taken while operating the engine at representative and stable sea load. Usually the piston underside residue is continuously drained...


Mitsubishi Engines - Service Information

Regarding to the lubricating oil for UEC diesel engines, it is describing on the group 051,052 and 053 of the engine instruction manual....


Remind And Reporting Manager


With increased focus on environmental laws and tougher Port state control / Oil major inspections, Owners/ Managers are keeping more emphasis on predictive maintenance practices. Conducting Oil analysis at regular intervals and analyzing the data correctly ensures equipment reliability and keep maintenance costs under control.

There are many parameters that determine the Oil condition and its impact on equipment varies over a period of time. It is important that comprehensive testing is carried out and results trended.

Cylinder Scrape down Analysis (CSA) helps in monitoring of Cylinder condition and safely optimizing oil feed rates. CSA is highly recommended to ensure adequate alkalinity.

The Cylinder Scrape down Sample is taken from the piston underside while in operation. A representative sample of each individual unit and a sample of the system oil is analyzed in our Laboratory and the results are used as an additional operation and condition monitoring tool.

Fuel testing is very important part of machinery maintenance. It is important that Fuels are tested for suitability before they are used. Even though Fuel related machinery problems are caused by only a small percentage of all the fuels supplied, the importance of regular fuel testing should not be underestimated.

Fuel analysis can identify potential causes for fuel filter plugging, smoke, loss of power, poor injection performance, malfunctioning throttle position sensors and sticking valves

A compromise on the water quality may severely affect our lives. So it is very important to know the quality of the water daily we deal.

Our lab is capable to test the potable water fitness for human consumption and effluent water to check the discharge control limits stipulated by various agencies.

The Maritime Safety Committee guidelines recommend the periodical quality check to determine the suitability of the foam concentrate stored onboard to continue in service. We offer this testing service in line with the MSC guidelines.